In essence, your world is what you see immediately in front of you. Sure, there are over six billion people on the planet, but how many of them do you know personally? Your inner peace IS your world peace and it can be that simple. We have been exploring everything outside of ourselves for centuries, expecting to find the answers to the great mysteries of life. Still, amidst the advances and luxuries of modern society, the inner space of the human body remains a mystery.

There are more than 6,000 languages on record around the world, but there is one language we have overlooked. The universal language of the body is a language in which we all have the capacity to become fluent.

Did you ever notice that your body has your complete attention when it signals you through an ache, pain or illness? Signals are how our bodies communicate to us that something needs to be acknowledged or addressed. All too often we silence, rather than explore, their meanings. Perhaps something is being lost in translation?
There is, I believe, a way to connect with these inner pieces – organs and systems – so we can feel our inner peace. Our bodies possess an infinite wisdom and with access to this innate intelligence we can exponentially raise consciousness across the planet.