Everything in this world began with a thought, a spark of energy sent from the brain to the body and manifested in our tangible reality. Energy powers everything, from home and office conveniences to vehicles.

You can have a full tank of gas, but you are not getting out of the driveway with a dead battery.

We are, essentially, energy in human form. What is your energy level?

Do you feel empowered or powerless?

We don’t see energy but we do see the effects of energy.

If a lamp is unplugged, you can flip the switch for as long as you would like, but until you put the cord into the outlet and make the connection it will remain dark.

You must connect with your inner pieces to illuminate your power. The essence of a happy life is a light spirit, a joyful and grateful heart and conscious body-mind connection.

Have patience with yourself and enjoy your journey.

Always be true to who you are and be present in every moment.

Honor your body as well as your talents, insights, hopes and desires.

What we imagine can be our new reality.

We each have our own unique talents and gifts and a body that helps fulfill our divine purpose.

All you have to do is live the life you love, love the body you are in and nature will take care of the rest.